Office for Windows Phone 8 Announced

We knew this for a while now but Office for Windows Phone 8 is officially announced. In the office blog Introducing the new Office on Windows Phone 8, Bert Van Hoof has announced that every Windows Phone 8 comes with pre-installed Office. And I am assuming it is Office 2013.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Office 2013 that allows users to store and share documents in the SkyDrive cloud. 

Just having Office on Windows Phone 8 doesn’t add a lot of value to me but what does is its connectivity with SkyDrive. I have laptops loaded with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and the Office 2013 is connected with SkyDrive shares the same Office documents from any machine and anywhere.

Now adding Phone and Tablet to my list makes it all sense.

You can either use SkyDrive or Office 365, you will have accessibility to your documents.

OneNote is another product added to the Office 2013. Now, having OneNote on my phone, storing in the cloud and accessing from my other devices makes a total sense. OneNote MX also comes as a Metro app for Windows 8.