OneDrive: Smarter way of storing photos

With the advent of cloud technology, OneDrive is the best place for storing our files. With the recent update OneDrive is becoming the best place to store our precious moments we capture as photos.
We take photos every now and then, with a camera or phone. Then it is stored either in a hard disk or over mails. While taking a backup OneDrive automatically uploads photos and videos from a Windows or Android phone. It also has space to store from a camera backup.
From next month onwards Windows 7 and 8 users can automatically import photos once they connect their devices to a computer. Screenshots directly get saved to OneDrive though they will be saved in clipboard too.
Already OneDrive offers an all photos view; all photos, whether from PC, camera or saved from email, will be shown together chronologically. This helps to see, manage and share photos easily. But now, photos can be seen as a collage with larger edge-to-edge pictures. Photos and videos from multiple albums anywhere in OneDrive can be brought together to create an album.
New Tag view allows searching of photos based on tags siince OneDrive can identify content from visuals. The Bing search feature can also be used to find photos and other details from
Weekend recap emails is the next thing coming to OneDrive. It let’s you share with friends and family once you have received a weekend recap of selected photos.
This update is available for iOS and the web now. It may take a while to be available in other OSes.

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