Online Brand vidaXL Partner With Google On Data Analytics

vidaXL will migrate its SAP systems to Google Cloud for more advanced analytics and scale.

Recently, Google and vidaXL announced they have signed a three-year partnership to facilitate the digital growth ambitions of the international online brand. vidaXL will migrate a part of their IT infrastructure for core SAP workloads to Google Cloud as part of the agreement.

vidaXL said that by moving from on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud, it is aiming to build new tools, capabilities, and an organizational culture that acts on data particularly from its SAP systems. The partnership will provide better scalability, continuity, and flexibility of its IT systems. SAP workloads like ERP Central Component (ECC) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) will be migrated to Google Cloud.  

Source: Google

The partnership will enable vidaXL to leverage highly flexible infrastructure and cloud-native services like BigQuery. This will help significantly reduce the time it takes vidaXL to process and analyze critical SAP data, and will provide a secure, reliable, and scalable foundation for future expansion.

"By investing in an open cloud infrastructure, we can scale and keep up with our customer needs. And speed is exactly what it's all about: we're not just growing, we're growing very fast. And with Google Cloud, we can facilitate that now." said, Ted van Dongen, CIO of vidaX.

Netherlands-based vidaXL is a fast-growing international online brand, active in 29 countries. It offers a wide range of products in categories like furniture, sports, home and garden, and hardware. vidaXL regularly expands its product groups and enters new markets via a broad range of channels and the company is now increasingly turning to data to inform these decisions.