Online Webinar on 4 Important Design Patterns

The C# Corner Mumbai chapter 2 on “Online webinar on 4 important Design patterns”.

The C# Corner Mumbai chapter 2 on “Online webinar on 4 important Design patterns”.

Sometimes back the Mumbai C# Corner team connected offline to discuss important design patterns, more information at

We decided to take this one step ahead, demonstrate the things discussed. This chapter we would like to not just happen between us but also we would like to share with everyone. So here’s a quick webinar of an hour with code demonstration and understanding 4 important design patterns. It’s a 1 hour webinar and below are the details for the same: - 

  • Mr Swapneel will demonstrate the real time use of Builder pattern :-  15 minutes
  • Mr Kamal will explain how decorator pattern enables dynamic behavior : 15 minutes
  • Mr Akshay Patel will explain how factory patterns separates concerns  : 15 minutes
  • Mr Shivprasad Koirala will talk about iterator pattern in 3 tier architecture : 15 minutes 
Timing and dates
  • India time: 9 PM to 10 PM
  • Date: 19 Feb 2012 (Its Sunday)
Login details for webinar: - 

Meeting ID: - csharpcornerwebinar

Entry C*de: - Sj(%~^9\X

Following are the steps to install Microsoft Live Meeting in your system: -
  1. Install live meeting from  
  2. Then, click on Accept terms and install Live Meeting client.
  3. After installation is complete open the "Live Meeting" by clicking on the Start Menu from your local machine.

    Note: In case if you do not see Live Meeting screen to enter credentials then press Esc on your keyboard. 
  4. Once credentials screen is visible enter the details shown above.
  5. Now you are ready for the on-line session. 
Note: Attendees can log-in into Live Meeting 30 minutes before training starts.

Please send an email for booking the webinar seats at