OOPs Principle and Theory Book Available Now

Jan 15, 2016 | Noida, India

Today, we are pleased to announce one more ebook has been added to the collection of C# Corner's free books library, "OOPs Principle and Theory." This book is written by C# Corner author Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan.

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Book Details

This book is focused on basic concepts of object-oriented programming for beginners, intermediates, and college students.

Table of Contents
  • Computer programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Data abstraction; Encapsulation in Object-oriented programming
  • Like father like son; Inheritance
  • Polymorphism in Object-oriented programming

About the Author

Afzaal is a student from Pakistan. He started learning programming at age 15 and has so far developed an HTML keyboard for websites, like an On-Screen Keyboard, a Login system using simple C# code and JSON files and many other web and mobile applications. He is planning to write a database system that would be much less costly than MS SQL.