OpenPDF 1.3.0 Released

OpenPDF 1.3.0 was released recently with modernization to use more modern Java features.

OpenPDF, a free Java library for creating and editing PDF files with a LGPL and MPL open source license, recently, released its latest version 1.3.
OpenPDF is known as the LGPL/MPL open-source successor of iText. It is based on a fork, of a fork, of iText 4 svn tag.
The improvements in the new release include modernization of OpenPDF to use more modern Java features, bugfix check font size before drawing string (#209) and fix using Document in try-with-resources (#198).
You can update to the latest version by using below code in your pom.xml file:
  1. <dependency>  
  2. <groupId>com.github.librepdf</groupId>  
  3. <artifactId>openpdf</artifactId>  
  4. <version>1.3.0</version>  
  5. </dependency>