Opera 23 Developer Update Brings Heart Menu, PPAPI Plugin Support And More

Source: Opera Blogs

The firm released a brand new developer version of Opera with several enhancements and new features expected of garnering kind words. This release has also addressed the issue related to the tab-loading indicator and is now back in its correct position. Along with this fix, a bunch of several other fixes has also been introduced in this release, details of which can be found in the full changelog.

The new Heart menu
Image Courtesy: Opera Blogs
A new heart icon has been placed on the right side of the address bar, It’s more intuitive now, you do not have to “learn” the icons, just click on the new heart to open a menu. If you try to add your favorite page to any of the Stash, Speed Dial or the bookmarks bar, you will see the heartbeat.

Opera Turbo start-up time
Image Courtesy: Opera Blogs
When Opera Turbo is enabled, you will get a faster start-up time on slow network connections. Opera Turbo will delay the loading of the background tabs (“lazy-session loading”) until they are activated. Thus limiting the amount of simultaneous network connections and bandwidth usage when restoring the previous session during start-up. This will load the web page faster and make your browsing much easier. Delayed loading of the background tabs can also be enabled without the Opera Turbo from the new “Delay loading of background tabs” option, found in the Start-up section in Advanced Settings. The option will always be enabled when using Opera Turbo.

Insecure content mixed in on secure pages

Insecure content (HTTP) will no longer be loaded on the secure pages (HTTPS). The content is of course blocked by default for security purposes. (Pages should not include mixed content!) For backwards compatibility, users can unblock the blocked content. This, however, will be at the expense of the page’s security level which will no longer be identified as secure.

Preventing plug-in freezes

Image Courtesy: Opera Blogs

Opera will now provide a better feedback when deciding to stop a plug-in to recover the browser. For slow responding plug-ins, users can now disable the plug-in or reload the page when needed.

Pepper plug-ins

If you have the Pepper variant of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer, Opera will now prefer PPAPI plug-ins (“Pepper”) to the older NSAPI plug-in (“Netscape”). There are not many PPAPI plug-ins out yet, but they should start to show up soon: and Opera is ready for them.

The official announcement can be found here.