Oracle Announces In-Memory Database 12c

Today, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced Oracle In-Memory database, 12c. The performance and speed was the key topic.

Here are some of the quotes from Larry’s announcement, as he said.

Memory, DRAM specifically, has become cheaper. Flash, relatively new, has replaced

Networks are getting much faster.

Hardware constantly evolves and we continuously take advantages of new hardware by making changes to our database.

We can access that data instantaneously.

Queries run 100 times faster to deliver real-time analytics. Most of the database run queries and analytics much faster and that is where most of the databases begin and end. But that’s not where Oracle In-Memory database ends. “We need to improve transaction processing”, said Ellison.

Most of the databases will ask you to change the application to run queries faster and transactions slower but that Oracle does not need anything but just throw a switch.

Oracle organizes data in both row and column format. While row formats are good for transaction processing but columns are great for analytics and report writing.

Oracle 12c stores data in both formats, row and in-memory in column format.

100X faster analytics.

OLTP runs faster.

Oracle In-Memory Column Format.

2X to 20X compression: Faster scan and get a lot more data in memory that it is possible.

Column cache in-memory.

Row cache in-memory.

You turn the column format simply saying I want this table or this row or this column in memory and it is done.

How fast is it go? Each CPU core scans billions of rows per second.

We use special SIMD vector instructions that allow us to process dozens of pieces of data in a single instruction. They were originally designed for scientific work and we actually use those instructions.

We exploit the latest hardware and we scan it incredibly fast.

Convert joins processing into fast column scans.

Joins tables 10X faster.

Dynamically creates an in-memory reports outline and runs 20x faster without predefined cubes.

Magic – Drop all the indexes and transactions run much faster.

Some of the applications Oracle built has a direct impact. Here are a couple of examples of improvement with 12c.

PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Analyzer 1300X faster.

Transportation Management System is 1030X faster.

JD Edwards Sales Order System is 1700X Faster.


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