Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database Released

Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation, has announced the release of Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database. The release is an addition to their autonomous database portfolio and it is said to be suitable for the workload that needs quick and has predictable responses. NoSQL is boasted of having 99.95% higher rate of availability and 70% lower cost than the Amazon DynamoDB1.

The database manages servers, expansion of storage, cluster deployments, software installation, and even backups so developers can do their work without having to handle the applications that require low latency, data model flexibility, and elastic scaling.

We continue to leverage our revolutionary autonomous capabilities to transform the database market…Our latest self-driving database cloud service, Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database, provides extreme reliability and performance at very low costs to achieve a highly flexible application development framework,” stated the executive vice president of Oracle Database, Andrew Mendelsohn on the release.
Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database is modern in its approach, serving solutions that are centered around the issues of developers. It offers support to key APIs like SQL API and command line interfaces and Flexible data modules like relational and ad-hoc JSON for data representation.
It is open in the way it “provides a non-proprietary SQL language, delivering innovative interoperability between standard relational and standard JSON data models”. It also supports languages like Python, Node.JS, and Java making development in general, easier.
Real Oracle’s full announcement for the availability of the Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database here.