Oracle Releases Java SE 8 With Lambda Expressions And Java SE Development Kit, JDK 8

Oracle releases Java SE 8 (Java Platform Standard Edition 8), with Type Annotations, a new Date/Time API and a set of Compact Profiles; and JDK 8, the latest Java SE Development Kit.

Oracle has recently released Java SE 8 (Java Platform Standard Edition 8) and JDK 8, the latest Java SE Development Kit. Due to the new release coding for multi-core processors has become easier. The new release hosts Type Annotations, a new Date/Time API, a set of Compact Profiles, allowing an easier scaling of the Java SE 8 implementations.
Al Hilwa, IDC Analyst says, “There are a variety of interesting things in [Java] SE 8, like the Streams API focused on parallel processing large data sets, Project Nashorn's faster Javascript engine, and of course implementing Lambda expressions,"
"These are significant changes to the language that will have a long-term impact as we shift into a highly parallel world populated with multi-core devices and big data. To see the team do this while simultaneously investing heavily in securing the platform in the face of escalating malware attacks everywhere is a huge achievement."
The INQUIRER reports, “One of Java SE 8's biggest new features is support for Lambda expressions, a new language feature in Java borrowed from LISP that lets developers treat functions as method arguments or code as data. Lambda expressions also allow users to express instances of single-method interfaces, referred to as functional interfaces, more efficiently.”
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