Oracle Releases Oracle Secure Global Desktop

News Facts

Today, Oracle announced general availability of a new release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop, a highly scalable and reliable application access solution that provides secure, browser-based access to applications hosted in the data center, from a wide variety of client devices.
Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 improves the user experience through support for multi-monitor configurations, richer graphics and audio; delivers out of the box security; expands the list of supported server operating system and Internet browser versions; and supports faster deployment through Oracle VM Templates.
Supporting the industry’s broadest range of server-based applications, including Web-based applications from Oracle and other vendors, and standard Windows, Linux, UNIX, and legacy applications, Oracle Secure Global Desktop helps lower the risk, time and cost of delivering applications to the enterprise.
Oracle Secure Global Desktop is part of Oracle Virtualization, the industry's most comprehensive desktop-to-data center virtualization portfolio; enabling customers to virtualize and manage their full hardware and software stack from applications to disk.

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