Oracle Tools Web logic Server 12c For the Private Cloud

In this news you will see new version of Oracle. Larry Ellison's dream for Oracle has always been to deliver "out-of-the-box" functionality.

Larry Ellison's dream for Oracle has always been to deliver "out-of-the-box" functionality - software that was less distinguishable from devices, devices that were vehicles for delivering software. So Ellison's vision of functionality has always been to some degree, shall we say, "cloudy." But it's hard to put a cloud in a box. And when you try, your competitors and even your (former) friends are liable to try to burn you for it.


Today, Oracle formally announced the impending delivery of WebLogic Server 12c, which is software for deploying Java EE 6 applications via servers that can be virtualized. Next week, Oracle will begin delivering this critical next stage of its software delivery architecture. Whether it qualifies as "cloud" may depend on whether you spell it with an upper- or lower-case "c."

The "g" in "Oracle WebLogic Server 11g," released in the summer of 2009, stood for "grid." In the era before Hadoop, Oracle's implementation of "grid" referred to its Grid Control technology.

The "c" in "Oracle WebLogic Server 12c," the first instances of which will be seen next week, stands for "cloud " .

"WebLogic Server 12c is a fully compliant Java EE 6 server. Java EE 6 is significantly forward from a modern application development perspective ".

"This is a big Oracle milestone because it delivers Java EE 6 technology in commercial form to the large Oracle middleware installed base ".

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