Outlook API is Available Now

Microsoft is very serious about the Office Store and as announced earlier, Office Outlook Apps have already started making their ways to the store.

Today, in a blog post by the Outlook team announced that Outlook add-ins or apps are already being added to Outlook and Uber, Boomerang, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and PayPal are among the first companies to jump on building Outlook add-ins. By building Outlook add-ins, the apps now can access and integrate with Outlook.com, desktop Outlook, and Office 365. For example, you want to book an Uber ride and set a reminder your Outlook calendar, you can do that.

Today, announced at Build, Outlook API that allows developers to build Outlook add-ins using open source technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, OAuth, and REST API. Outlook API support most of the platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, NodeJS, and Ruby.

Outlook API is divided into two categories – API to connect to the Outlook Service, and API to build add-ins to extend Outlook.

Outlook API to connect to the Outlook Service

Outlook REST APIs bring features like mail, calendars, and contacts for Office 365 and Outlook.

Outlook API to extend Outlook

Mail add-ins use HTML and JavaScript to bring your features right into the user's Outlook experience on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web. Start with a Hello World example, or dig into the reference.

The add-ins and other functionality is expected to release for Office 2016 as well.

To learn more and download Outlook API, visit dev.outlook.com.


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