Outlook releasing for Windows RT this year

The Windows creator has already ported all Office apps to ARM, so it’ll soon unveil every single service included in the productivity suite to Windows RT too, according to a report published by CNet. At present, a couple of new rumors about Outlook RT have arrived, and they’re making it sound like, not only could Microsoft decide to actually release the software, it could be arriving relatively soon.

If Microsoft really wants to say that Windows RT is for businesses then they actually do need to release Outlook for Windows RT. A source said that Outlook RT is presently tested and made for Windows RT and that we should expect it this year.

The Office team chooses to not comment on a Windows RT version of Outlook, but Microsoft almost must make Outlook for Windows RT if they wish to continue calling Windows RT a business operating system, since Outlook is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses as their email client.


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