Personal Features In Microsoft Teams Now Generally Available

Teams for personal use now work across the web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Recently, Microsoft launched the personal version of Microsoft Teams. The service is almost the same as the Microsoft Teams that businesses use, and it will allow you to chat, video call, and share calendars, locations, and files easily; among friends and families.

The tech giant is also continuing to offer everyone free 24-hour video calls that it introduced in the preview version in last November. You can connect with up to 300 people in video calls that can last for 24 hours.

The company will eventually enforce limits of 60 minutes for group calls of up to 100 people after the pandemic situation gets better, but will keep 24 hours for 1:1 calls.

Teams, for professionals, ensures separation is kept between their work and personal accounts. All files, contacts, chats, and other information for each of their accounts are kept separate. Users can easily switch between the two options just by clicking on their profile.

Source: Microsoft

If you’re using Teams for work, you just need to click on your profile to add a personal account. Personal features in Teams are available for free. These features are "designed to bring you closer to the people you care about so that you can call, chat, plan, and organize things big and small together in one place".

Though the preview initially was launched on iOS and Android, Teams for personal use now works across the web, mobile, and desktop apps. Personal users will now also be able to use Together mode, which is a feature that uses AI to segment your face and shoulders and place you together with other people in a virtual space.