PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1 Available Now

First beta release of PostgreSQL 12 is now available.

Recently, The PostgreSQL Development Group announced that its first beta release of PostgreSQL 12, an open-source object-relational database system that extends the SQL language, is now available for download.
The company said that this release comes with previews of all of the features that will be available in the final release of PostgreSQL 12.
PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1 Released 
Source:  PostgreSQL
The release includes new features and improvements that span partitioning, collation, JSON path queries, inlined with queries and more.
According to the company, the new release aims to improve the performance of the standard B-tree indexes with improvements to the space management of the indexes. PostgreSQL 12 also enables users to rebuild indexes concurrently, allowing a reindex operation without blocking any writes to the index.
To see a complete list of updates you can visit the release notes here.