PostgreSQL Releases Version 12

PostgreSQL 12 is now available with improvements to query performance and overall space utilization.

Recently, the PostgreSQL Group announced the release of PostgreSQL 12, the latest version of the open-source database.
The latest version PostgreSQL 12 includes improvements to query performance, particularly over big data sets, and overall space utilization.
The release brings new capabilities like SQL/JSON path expression support, optimizations for table expression (WITH) queries execution, and generated columns.
To support the extensibility and robustness of PostgreSQL there are further additions to internationalization, authentication, and easier ways to administrate PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL 12 
PostgreSQL 12 also introduces the pluggable table storage interface, which enables you to create your own methods for storing data.
The company said that the new release provides notable performance and maintenance enhancements to its indexing system and to partitioning. B-tree Indexes, have been optimized to better manage workloads where the indexes are frequently modified. PostgreSQL 12 has manifested about 40% reduction in space utilization and an overall gain in query performance.
Just-in-time (JIT) compilation using LLVM, introduced in PostgreSQL 11, is now enabled by default.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.