Power BI Premium Is Generally Available Now

Microsoft has announced the general availability of PowerBI Premium during the Microsoft Data Insights Summit today.
First announced on May 3, PowerBI Premium offers Business Intelligence services with a great flexibility to exclusively customize the performance of an organization based on the needs of a team, department, or the whole organization. Now generally available Power BI Premium Service enables the users to perform on-premises deployment and distribution of Power BI reports (interactive or paginated) with PowerBI Report Server.
Source: powerbi.microsoft.com
According to the official blog,
“Power BI Premium is available in a range of capacity sizes, each with different numbers of virtual cores and memory sizes that can scale as requirements change. Power BI Premium enables the same number of virtual cores an organization provisions in the cloud to also be deployed on-premises without the need to split the capacity. Choose Power BI in the cloud, or maintain reports on-premises with Power BI Report Server and move to the cloud at your pace.”
Not only this, Microsoft has made the Power BI Report Server generally available as a part of Power BI Premium. SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers with active Software Assurance (SA) have the rights to deploy Power BI Report Server through SA entitlement. In addition to this, Power BI Premium converges the Power BI Embedded with the Power BI service so as to bring more flexibility in the process of how Power BI content is embedded in apps.
If you are willing to use leverage Power BI Premium, the price range starts from $625 per month. For further details regarding the features and deployment planning, you can read the PowerBI Premium WhitePaper, price calculator, and purchase documentation.