PowerShell Core 6 GA Available In Jan 2018

PowerShell Core 6 Release Candidate was released on Nov 17 and the version is available to download in Github. While this version has many fixes, updates, and improvements, here is a list of breaking changes:


  • Fix -Verbose not to override $ErrorActionPreference.
  • Fix Get-Item -LiteralPath a*b to return error if a*b doesn't actually exist.
  • Remove AllScope from most default aliases to reduce overhead on creating new scopes.
  • Change $OutputEncoding default to be UTF8 without BOM rather than ASCII.
  • Add error on legacy credential over non-HTTPS for Web Cmdlets.
  • Fix single value JSON null in Invoke-RestMethod.
  • Add PSTypeName Support for Import-Csv and ConvertFrom-Csv.


The announcement posted by Steve Lee of PowerShell team also includes the release date of general availability and future product features and dates.

Steve writes:

"When the PowerShell Team started working through all the work required to publish a release, we also created a branch for the eventual PowerShell Core 6.0.0 final release. There are still some issues and work items needed to be completed for the GA (General Availability) release.

We are currently targeting having the GA release on January 10th, 2018."


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