Pre-Order For iPhone 7 Rumored To Start From September 9

Over the weekend, the famous leaker Evan Blass had tweeted the upcoming iPhone 7 would be released in the week of September 12, specifying that Friday, September 16 would be the day of the retail release.
Now, Blass has gone on to dig a bit further and as per his recent tweet, the pre-order of the latest iPhone 7 would "start from September 9", which happens to be a Friday before the release date, which he had earlier shared.
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Blass goes on to add, “You can extrapolate the launch event date from there", because pre-order usually takes place on Friday, right after the iPhone event, which usually takes place on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
This goes on to suggests that the latest iPhone 7 will be introduced to us on September 6 or 7, assuming if the pre-order and release dates happens to take place as per Blass’s tweet. However, it has been earlier noticed, September 16 would go on to be a little early compared to the past iPhone releases.
Apple has yet not made any announcement regarding its big event and a date for it have yet not been rumored anywhere else, till now.