Prism 7.2 Released

Prism 7.2 brings some major fundamental changes to the framework.

Recently, the team behind Prism released the latest version 7.2, which brings some major fundamental changes to the platform. Prism is a framework that allows you to build loosely coupled, maintainable, and testable XAML applications in WPF, and Xamarin Forms.
Other than adding several new great API's Prism 7.2 features some major breaking changes particularly for Xamarin.Forms developers.
Starting with 7.2 release, INavigatingAware is no longer supported. The impact will be minimal. You simply need to rename all instances of INavigatingAware to Initialize.
Source: prismlibrary 
According to the company, IAutoInitialize is a feature designed specifically for those cases where you are passing objects around. Well, By default Prism do a Non-Case-Sensitive lookup between the Navigation|Dialog Parameters and the Properties in ViewModel. If one is found Prism automatically set the property.
The team has added a new IDialogService API for WPF, replacing the PopupWindowAction altogether. This service enables users to show any dialog they want either modal, or non-modal, and have complete control over their dialog logic.