Progress Announces Corticon 6.0

According to the company, Corticon 6.0 offers a more efficient means of connecting to REST APIs and extracting the data necessary for improved decision making.

Recently, Progress announced the latest release of the Progress Corticon business rules management solution, Corticon 6.0, which includes faster support for REST data connectivity.
The new release also introduces a new and simpler architecture for .NET server, which, the company claims, will enable users to execute decisions 3X faster and with more reliability.
Source: Progress 
The company said that Corticon 6.0 expands the data integration capabilities of Corticon with the introduction of a new REST data source. As data sources are becoming more disparate, REST APIs are becoming a popular way to access enterprise data.
"By embedding the Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector—an intelligent, customizable data connectivity solution enabling lightning-fast, codeless connections between applications and REST API data sources—Corticon customers are now able to connect to the vast variety of data sources necessary to inform digital decision making within minutes." wrote the company.
With 6.0, Corticon is introducing its implementation in .NET which provides 3x faster throughput and eliminates the need for cross-compiling. Users of .NET  will now have the architecture flexibility to use both in-process and Microsoft IIS deployment.