Project Rome iOS SDK Announced

Microsoft has announced the release of Project Rome SDK Preview for iOS platform. The company launched Android SDK a few months back, and now with the release of iOS SDK, the very ambitious project of Microsoft is ready to rock the users of all major app experience platforms – Windows, Android, and iOS.
Microsoft launched Project Rome so as to allow users work on the same app session in multiple devices. That mean, you can start an app on a Windows PC or Surface Hub, and work in the same session on an Android device (and now, on iOS device as well). In Microsoft’s words, “Your apps, like your data, should travel with you.”
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In the official announcement, the company has used the same example of Contoso music app developed by Paul, that it has been using for all the posts related to Project Rome, so that the users can understand the functionality more clearly. Here is the scenario for iOS SDK.
“Paul wants to enable a scenario in which a user can listen to music on the iPhone over headphones, then enter the living room and immediately switch to playing the same music over his Xbox, connected to quality speakers.
With the Project Rome iOS SDK, Paul can create a bridge between iOS devices and Windows devices in two stages:
  • The RemoteSystems API allows the app to discover Windows devices the user owns.
  • The RemoteSystems API will allow the Contoso Music app to discover these devices on the same network or through the cloud.

  • Once discovered, the RemoteLauncher API will launch the Contoso Music app on another Windows device.”

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The iOS SDK Preview of Project Rome and its documentation is available on GitHub for download, along with the development kits for other platforms.