Python 3.9.2 And 3.8.8 Are Now Available

3.9.2 includes new syntax features, new built-in feature, as well as new features in the standard library.

Recently, Python announced the release of version 3.9.2 and 3.8.8. 

As per the announcment the last full regular maintenance release of Python 3.8 is scheduled for May 3rd 2021, after which it will shift to source releases only for security bug fixes only. And, maintenance releases for the 3.9 series will continue at regular bi-monthly intervals. 3.9.3 release is planned for early May 2021.

This release contains two security fixes:

  1. bpo-42938: Avoid static buffers when computing the repr of ctypes.c_double and ctypes.c_longdouble values.
  2. bpo-42967: Fix web cache poisoning vulnerability by defaulting the query args separator to &, and allowing the user to choose a custom separator.

The 3.9 series includes many new features and optimizations over 3.8. Such as : Dictionary Merge & Update Operators; New String Methods to Remove Prefixes and Suffixes; Type Hinting Generics in Standard Collections; New parser, based on PEG; and more.

Source: Python

Highlights of 3.9.2 also includes new syntax features such as PEP 584 - union operators added to dict; PEP 585 - type hinting generics in standard collections; PEP 614 - relaxed grammar restrictions on decorators.

There is a new built-in feature: PEP 616 - string methods to remove prefixes and suffixes.

The release also adds new features in the standard library including PEP 593 - flexible function and variable annotations; and os.pidfd_open() - allows process management without races and signals.

For addional details you can visit the official release notes here.