Python Accepts Pattern Matching PEP 634

Python accepts pattern matching PEP 634, 635, and 636; rejects PEPs 640 and 642.

Recently, Python Steering Council announced that it has chosen to accept PEP 634, along with its companion PEPs 635 and 636; collectively known as the Pattern Matching PEPs. 

The council said that it is confident that Pattern Matching will be a great addition to the Python language. 

Source: Python

PEPs 640 and 642 received little support from core developers and were rejected. The SC also said that changes building on top of PEP 634, even PEPs 640 and 642 if they now gain support, can still be submitted via the PEP process for review using the regular channels. Backwards-incompatible changes can only be made before the feature freeze point of Python 3.10.  

SC also said that such a large new feature needs to be completed by comprehensive documentation and specification, both in the tutorial section of the documentation and in the language reference.

Well, Pattern Matching has been a challenging feature that took plentiful discussions and design conversations,  leading to manifold revisions from feedback from core devs, the community,  and the Steering Council.

"We are very happy to see that the Python developer community remains passionate and respectful, and we are sure that the result has benefited a lot because of it." wrote Python Steering Council.