Python In VS Code June 2020 Released

Microsoft rolled out the June 2020 release of the Python Extension for VS Code.

Microsoft announced the June 2020 release of the Python Extension for VS Code. The new release brings new features like Run By Line and Python Start Page, in addition to addressing more than 50 issues.
Run-by-line is an uncomplicated way of troubleshooting issues in Notebook cells. To help diagnose the Notebook code, the new feature enables you to step through the code in your cells in a line-by-line fashion. You can also view the state of your variables at each step through the variable explorer or data tips.
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft said that it is shipping the feature as experimental in this release. You will need to add the below line to your User settings:
"python.experiments.optInto": ["RunByLine - experiment"]
The start page is a place that brings all the most common actions for the Python extension to an easily accessible page. It highlights the monthly release notes, changes and tutorials, and showcase features in the sample notebook. Developers can access the page anytime using the “Open Start Page” command (View  >  Command Palette… and run Python: Open Start Page).
Some of the other changes and enhancements include Removed python.jediEnabled setting in favor of python.languageServer., Preliminary support using other languages for the Jupyter kernel., and Ensure sorting imports in a modified file picks up the proper configuration.
You can reach the Marketplace to download the Python extension or install it directly from the extension gallery in VS Code.

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