Python Support In Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer Is Now GA

Python GA launch in CodeGuru Reviewer can help you improve code quality for Python applications to a significantly high level.

Recently, AWS announced the GA launch of Python support in Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. The company launched the Python support preview on December last year and have been improving this feature for the GA.

According to AWS, this release further extends the coverage of CodeGuru Reviewer to improve the number of recommendations for the existing detectors and include the new detectors that have been validated internally. Three detectors added or improved are: Input validation, Code maintainability, and Resource leaks.

Input validation is key to ensure software reliability and security. CodeGuru Reviewer performs careful analysis to determine code locations where input validation is insufficient or missing altogether. It accounts for validation patterns at the granularity of the entire codebase, as well as in the specific context of the function and parameters being checked. Till now recommendations to add more parameter validation were restricted to Java code. AWS is now extending this detection category to Python, where the lack of static typing increases the risk of processing unexpected inputs.

Source: AWS

The new improved resource leak detector for Python increases the coverage of the existing detector. Apart from detecting leaks on open file descriptors, CodeGuru Reviewer now renders recommendations about resource leaks on a more comprehensive set of resources. These include leaks on connections, sessions, sockets, multiprocessing thread pools, and more. The resource leak detector for Python is driven by the same technology that drives the resource leak detector for Java programs. 

Source: AWS

Well, this Python GA launch can help you improve code quality for Python applications to a significantly high level. Not only this you can now avail and try Reviewer with a new lower and more predictable pricing model that offers reductions up to 90%.