Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 hits RC

Microsoft has announced the Release Candidate (RC) for version 2.1 of Python Tools for Visual Studio. Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) 2.1 RC is available for download on CodePlex.

Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner PM of Visual Studio Cloud Platform Tools post a blog on 12 Aug, to update this release on Visual Studio blog. PTVS is an open source plug-in for Visual Studio that allows developers to use Python language. It supports the IDE's features like CPython/IronPython, editing, IntelliSense, interactive debugging, profiling, IPython REPL with inline graphics cross-platform/language debugging and running Python websites on Microsoft Azure with tooling integration for both publishing and debugging.


Image Source: VS blog 
Other features included in the release:
  • PTVS 2.1 has numerous bug fixes all over the project but especially for IntelliSense and code completions, debugging, general stability and performance
  • Search paths within a project for IntelliSense
  • Django template debugging
  • Standard string visualizers like HTML, XML and JSON
  • Anaconda environments can use "conda install" from PTVS
  • The Brace highlight color can now be changed
PTVS 2.1 is now available again for commercial versions of Visual Studio 2010, and Visual Studio Express 2013 for Desktop or Web. It is available under the Apache 2.0 license, and hosted on Microsoft's source code repository CodePlex.