RavenDB 4.0 Is Available Now

NoSQL databases have made a strong presence in today’s development world. Be it MongoDB, Cassandra, RavenDB, or Redis; businesses from all over the world are opting for these cheaper and better alternatives to manage their data on the servers. And, the teams behind these databases are working really hard to improve the tools regularly and offer the best possible database solution to the customers.

Today, RavenDB has also got a new version, RavenDB 4.0.0, an ACID Document database that offers a fully transactional open source NoSQL solution to the businesses with high-performance in their data operations. The new version is updated with many key features and the company boasts that it is now way better than many of its competitors.

Source: ravendb.net 

Now, in the new version, the team has added support to more platforms, like Docker and Raspberry, so as to widen the reach of the RavenDB database.

Source: ravendb.net  

The community edition of the database is free to download and can be downloaded from here. If you are new to RavenDB or want to know how to migrate data from 3.X Server, you can have a look at the What's New section.

For further details, you can visit the RevenDB website or their GitHub page.


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