React Native Rolls Out Version 0.6

React Native 0.60 is available now with AndroidX Support and CocoaPods by default.

The React Native Core team has announced the release of version 0.60 of React Native, which introduces a migration over to AndroidX and several improvements to the accessibility API like announceForAccessibility for creating screen reader announcements.
The company said that CocoaPods are now a part of React Natives’ iOS project. While, WebView and NetInfo that were previously extracted into separate repositories, have been migrated out of the React Native repository.
Starting with 0.60, Native modules are now autolinked. A new tool Upgrade Helper has been added to make the upgrade process simpler.
 React Native 0.60
Source: facebook.github
According to the company, Native code and dependencies will need to be migrated to the new version. And a new feature "jetifier" will patch node_modules and serve as a temporary solution to buy time for library maintainers to upgrade.