Real Time Chat With Your Co-Editors Via Skype

The co-authoring capabilities of Office Online allow you to find yourself in a OneDrive document with your friends and family at the same time. Now you will be able to communicate with your fellow editors in real time via Skype, without leaving the document.
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By sharing the documents which you are working on, you will be opening the door for your friends and family to join in. And, when they are editing the documents with you their name will appear on the list of co-editors at the top right of the application. Right next to the list of co-editors, you will be able to see a blue Chat button. This is at the moment available for OneDrive files; SharePoint and OneDrive for Business will be coming soon.
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 Upon clicking the blue button, the following Skype chat pane slides out. Your co-editors will be entered as recipients, allowing you to begin your chat immediately. When you send in a message to them, they will receive a notification in the document.
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Microsoft states,
“You might not be working in the same room with your co-editors, but that shouldn’t slow your progress. So, in case IMs aren’t enough for your communication needs, we’ve included the option to turn your conversation into a group call or even a video chat, using buttons at the top of the pane. This was one of the most requested features on our Word UserVoice forum—thank you for sharing your feedback!”
As no conversation is complete without a smiley or two, Microsoft has added familiar Skype emoticons. A variety of GIFs have also been added, and they can be found via the emoticon selector.
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Even when the co-editors have left the documents, you will still be able to view your chat contents; all you need to do is click on the Skype logo which is next to the Share button, and your earlier Skype conversation will be displayed.
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Microsoft concludes by saying,
“That’s all for now—enjoy collaborating! And when your team miraculously finishes a paper right up against a deadline, try sending the text “(fistbump)” in the chat pane. You’ve all earned it.”

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