Red Hat Acquires CoreOS

In a whopping $250 M deal, Red Hat is acquiring CoreOS, one of the famous players in Kubernetes and container-native solutions. The vision of Red Hat Inc. on the acquisition of CoreOS Inc. is to create applications with flexibility by an open source and deploy them in any environment. This acquisition shows that Red Hat is now aiming to adopt industry-leading hybrid cloud platforms for the development of modern application workloads.
As Paul Cormier, president of product and technologies at Red Hat stated,
“The next era of technology is being driven by container-based applications that span multi- and hybrid cloud environments, including physical, virtual, private cloud and public cloud platforms. Kubernetes, containers, and Linux are at the heart of this transformation, and, like Red Hat, CoreOS has been a leader in both the upstream open source communities that are fueling these innovations and its work to bring enterprise-grade Kubernetes to customers. We believe this acquisition cements Red Hat as a cornerstone of the hybrid cloud and modern app deployments.”
To know more about this acquisition, you can go through the official press release by Red Hat.

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