Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 Released

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 has been announced by the Red Hat team. The new release has some enhanced Object Storage capabilities, improved ease of use, etc.

Red Hat’s Ceph is a popular software-defined object and file cloud storage stack. With its latest release, known as Red Hat Ceph Storage 2, Red Hat is moving forward. With several new capabilities to enhance object storage workloads and promote greater ease of use, it is based on the Ceph Jewel release.
CephFS is a tech preview in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 and can also be used with the Open Stack infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud Manila shared file system service. Since it enables you to run software-defined storage to a petabyte and beyond on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, Ceph becomes important.
For the customers who are demanding scale, increased security, and strong compatibility with industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (API)s, Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 comes with enhanced capabilities for enterprise object storage.
Ranga Rangachari, Vice President, Storage and Big Data, Red Hat, states that:
“This latest version of the product is the most significant update to Red Hat Ceph Storage since we acquired Inktank in 2014. We believe our customers will find Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 to be a full-featured, technically-advanced storage platform that’s easy to use and helps them manage vast quantities of data at the enterprise level.”
Red Hat Storage Console 2, which is a storage management and monitoring system with a redesigned, streamlined user interface, will be introduced this summer.