Remix OS for PC Beta Released at MWC 2016

Remix OS 2.0 is a desktop operating system which runs on an Android app and is easy to install on PCs and Macs. On March 1st, Remix OS will be graduating into beta and it will be adding support for the older PCs with 32-bit processors, dual-booting and OTA updates.
Jide Technology states,
“Jide Technology today announces the availability of Remix OS for PC Beta - the productivity-oriented version of Android, following the hugely popular Alpha release in January. The new Beta version has a substantial number of bug fixes and an increase in device compatibility, as well as over-the-air (OTA) updates, 32-bit system support and dual boot support through a new hard drive installer tool. The new release will be publically available to download from the Jide website on March 1st.”
Adding support for 32-bit machines would open up compatibility with a wider variety of older PCs, which people would most likely want to install and play around with Remix OS on. In addition to this, the installer would now support dual-boot for the OS for easier installation. Another feature which has been added to the beta is OTA updates, so people will not need to wipe their current setup and data in order to receive the latest and the newest version.
The move from alpha to beta also fixes more than 50 major bugs. Google has yet to approve Remix OS along with Google Play services and Play Store which are not pre-installed. Jide says, “Google takes the time they need to test the new operating environment. Users of the Beta version will be able to sideload Google Play Services by following instructions found on the Jide website.” The play services are required by maximum apps to run; Jide offers instructions on how to sideload the right version on their site.
David Ko, Co-Founder of Jide Technology, explains:
"Thanks to the support and feedback from our generous community, we've been able to speed up the development of the Beta version. Now with OTA software update support, users can begin to rely on Remix OS for more daily activities without the worry of a new update wiping their data. This update will help us to charge towards the eventual stable release later in 2016."
The beta version of Remix OS will be available from March 1st on the Jide site. Remix OS is among the first project of 2016 where we have seen that older computers are being put to use.

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