Resco announces new product line - Resco Business Prototypes

Completely new business products from Resco to help developers cope with difficulties of mobile environment

Bratislava, Slovakia - March 17, 2009 - Resco, a supplier of advanced developer components and tools for mobile devices, announces today new product line, which is optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

The most important features of current situation in the mobile software market are basically the overall grow of mobility, its utilization in business solutions and lack of experience in development of mobile solutions.

The most significant grow of demand in particular is in the field of business solutions with mobile upgrade. Mobility is very flexible tool that expands in a wide spectrum of business industries. Despite the fact that current mobile devices dispose of high performance hardware thus are able to run hardware demanding applications, the environment of mobile devices is much different from desktops. Desktop developers switching to mobile environment encounter many problems mostly due to the mobile limitations. Moreover, business solutions providers usually have neither the experience, nor the know-how of mobile environment.

Based on these reasons Resco decides to present new product line of business prototype solutions. The goal of these solutions is to help developers cope with the difficulties of mobile environment.

In the upcoming 6 months time perspective Resco will launch three business prototypes with source codes.

“Resco is very excited to have such opportunity to present brand new product line assigned for business solutions,” said Ivan Stano, Marketing and Sales, Resco Developer Tools. "I believe that the prototypes will serve as valuable help for all developers who care about perfect functionality and attractive graphics.”
The first prototype is focused on SFA solutions. It is especially assigned for sales people working in the field. Second prototype is targeted to retail — shopping sector and the third one to assets inventory management. The release of the first prototype is scheduled for April 2009.

About Resco

Resco is a developer of wide range of mobile software products for Windows Mobile. Besides the best selling end-user mobile applications, Resco offers also powerful developer controls and tools as well as mobile business solutions.

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