Resco releases Resco MobileBusiness ESP Volume 2

A complete Sales Force Automation solution with online synchronization and unlimited customizing opportunities

Bratislava, Slovakia — August 12, 2009 —Resco, a supplier of advanced developer components and tools for mobile devices, releases today new version of Resco MobileBusiness ESP, which is optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

Resco presents an improved and enriched version of Resco MobileBusiness ESP, signed Volume 2. The new solution comprises of following modules: Client application, Web Service, and Web Client.

“Based on the potential of Resco MobileBusiness ESP, we’ve decided to equip it with online synchronization and richer functionality,” said Radomir Vozar, Resco's Enterprise Solutions division director. “The new version brings great value and a complex prototype for all IT integrators and developers looking for a solution that can be easily customized and implemented.”

Mobile Client

The mobile client is a .NET Compact Framework application that runs on a Windows Mobile device. It is specifically optimized for mobile environment. Among its strengths belong user friendly UI, attractive graphics, and modern design. There was put great emphasis on user’s control comfort — user only needs a finger to operate the application. The other control comfort improvement is a new custom keyboard. It fits perfectly into the forms. Moreover, it adapts intelligently and dynamically according to the character of the filled in form.


Back-Office Integration

The data synchronization between mobile Client app that runs in mobile device and Server database is built on Web Service technology and can be easily modified allowing integration to 3rd party CRM/ERP systems.

Web Client

Web Client runs in a web browser. Resco developers used AJAX technology that allows designing web interactive and rich Internet applications. Since it provides simple data visualization under server database the Web Client can be used for the business purposes as well as for the data synchronization evaluation.



As the whole solution is provided as a MS Visual Studio project, it is fully customizable. Moreover, it is supplied with thoroughly commented C# source code and powered by Resco MobileForms Toolkit. Such equipped solution provides optimal customization opportunities and the final solution can be branded according to the customer’s preference.

“We’ve developed a robust mobile solution by adding new functionality and synchronization,” said Miroslav Pomsar, Resco MobileBusiness ESP head developer. “Despite of its robustness, Resco MobileBusiness ESP Volume 2 excels in simple customization and large employment opportunities.”

About Resco MobileBusiness ESP

Resco MobileBusiness ESP is the enterprise solution prototype especially designed for development of SFA and CRM solutions. The finger touch control support, attractive UI, thoroughly commented C# Source Code, simple customization, and easy back-office integration — to mention the most significant features.

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About Resco

Resco is a developer of wide range of mobile software products for Windows Mobile. Besides top selling end-user mobile applications, Resco offers powerful developer controls and tools as well as mobile business solutions.

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