Ringly, a beautiful Wearable Technology for Women

Ringly is a new smart wearable device specifically designed to solve an annoying problem for women. The idea behind the ring is to incorporate technology into a woman's everyday accessories so that she can enjoy the moment without missing something important. Ringly is an 18k-gold plated ring that connects with a smartphone to discreetly notify the wearer when she gets a call or text.


“It started with me being frustrated from leaving my phone in my purse and missing a bunch of calls and texts,” Ringly cofounder Christina Mercando said to Business Insider. “It turns out a lot of other people have a similar problem.”

The ring will deliver notifications via Bluetooth LE from a smartphone that has the ringly app installed. The device will notify the wearer when she is getting calls, texts, emails and other notifications from various apps when the wearer's phone is buried in the purse. Ringly can run for about three days on a full charge. The user can recharge it by simply putting it back in the box. You can say that its like a anti-Google Glass.

Ringly offers a selection of four different stones set in gold plating, which vibrate and light up when activated. It has just been launched at a price of $US145 on preorder which will hike up to $US195 once it ships in the fall.

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