Ruby 2.5.0 Released

Ruby has taken a leap with a new version, i.e., Ruby 2.5.0.

This Christmas, the Ruby team has released a new version of Ruby language. Famous for its flexibility and simplicity, Ruby has taken a leap with Ruby 2.5.0, the first stable release in the Ruby 2.5 series.

Ruby 2.5.0 incorporates several newest features along with many performance improvements as well as a load of bugfixes. Some of the most notable changes are mentioned below.

  • The changes made at the language-level include the removal of top-level constant look-up and allowance of rescue/else/ensure inside do/end blocks.
  • Several core classes are updated including – Array, Data, Exception, Dir, Enumerable, File, Hash, IO, IOError, KeyError, FrozenError, Integer, Kernel, Numeric, Regexp, Process, RubyVM::InstructionSequence, and Range etc.
  • For enhanced compatibility, Socket::Ifaddr#vhid is added; Random.raw_seed is renamed to Random.urandom etc.

There is a long list of changes and improvements. The complete list of the changes can be found on the GitHub page. Ruby2.5.0 is ready to download and use. You can download the package from here.