Rumors And Predictions For Apple Products In 2016

Apple launched some really amazing products in 2015, the iPad Pro, Apple Pay, Apple Music Beats 1 and the Apple watch. These products launched this year and also provides us with some hint as to what might be coming up in 2016.

It have been a wonderful year for Apple, they launched some really amazing products, the 12-inch MacBook, the iPad Pro, Apple Pay, Apple Music Beats 1 and the Apple watch. These products launched in 2015 have kept us busy through the year. It also provides us with some hint as to what might be coming up in 2016.

Apple watch, which we might accept to be launched sometimes in April 2016, when the original model is 12 months old. If anything appeared between now and then, there is high probability that it will be another big collaboration, similar to Hermes in September.
The first step, which is most likely to be taken by Apple, is an extensive upgrade, bringing it in power with its competitors. Hence, we are expecting an Apple Watch 2. We also expect the new Apple Watch to be a complete stand-alone device, along the lines of Samsung’s Gear 2, which connects directly to cellular network, bypassing the Galaxy Phone completely.
We are expecting the new iPhone 7 to be launched in 2016, with extensive revamp. It is been forecasted that the homebutton will be removed. Apple might adopt soft buttons which would allow them to increase the size of the screen, while keeping the device sleek and slim.
Apple’s television has undergone its most ambitious revamp this year. For UK users, it is more likely that BBC iPlayer will appear on the platform. Corporation has already confirmed that they plan to extend its existing browser-based service to Apple box, where Sky will also be available.
It is unlikely that Apple will have it’s an update for Mac processor, as the company would require to give developers a notices way in advance, if they want their application to run on new architecture. Hence, it is expected that you will be using Intel-drive machine in 2016. However, the new Skylake processor line takes over from existing chip from spring.
Mac Pro now needs to be refreshed as its now over two years since the current barrel design made its appearance. We do not expect any external re-modeling, however when referred with El Capitan Code it suggest that a new machine might be in the making, enabling Apple to take advantage from the last two years of advanced processor. Perhaps, here too, Apple might integrate Skylake. Hence we see that the complete Apple’s line-up will be running on the same core processor.
This year in March, we saw the launch of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. Hence, it is just a few months for MacBook to complete its 1year, and we expect a refreshing line-up in 2016. There not much to forecast about this product, however, we are expecting that the new MacBook 2016, will be launched in March at a special event or in June at WWDC 2016. Probability is that the new MacBook 2016 will come with an Intel 14mm Core M Chip, but the price tag of the product will be low.
We are expecting to see a complete new edition of OS X (version 10.12) in autumn, right after the summer preview at WWDC. We know that this is going to happen as Apple has switched to annual OS, and it’s already showing in the server logs, which suggests that it is already running on Apple’s campus machines. It is currently being identified as ‘Fuji’ however; it will not surprise us if we see this switched for another Yellowstone hillock before the shipping begins.
Along with these major headlines, there are a whole series speedbumbs, along the way, as Apple now extends and refines its offers. Apple Pay is now accepted in numerous stores, and Apple Music is now available on Android, and changes are that this will further expand.
The Apple Car, which we keep on hearing about, is most certainly happening, but not in 2016. It is been said that Apple have around 1000 developers working on this o-called Project Titan. We would love to see Apple Car on the road by 2017, but industry experts suggest that it will more likely be in the year 2020.