Run Android apps on Mac with BlueStacks App Player

Beginning today, you can run Android apps on your Mac with the BlueStacks app Player. BlueStacks is a free desktop Android emulator that lets you play any mobile game or app on a PC with a mouse and keyboard.
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It already has more than 90 million downloads and now with its access on Mac, the installations are expected to increase.
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This morning the company is launching an official release of the popular BlueStacks App Player software for Mac for the first time, allowing Mac users to play mobile games and use their favorite apps from mobile on the desktop. The company told us that it’s worked hard to optimize BlueStacks for Mac to take advantage of all the benefits of a larger Retina display and using touch gestures on Apple’s trackpads.
Additionally, BlueStacks Principal Software Architect David Reese said:
Mac OS is a top notch platform and we worked hard to take advantage of everything it has to offer,”
“From pinch to zoom on the trackpad to its retina display we optimized for everything.”
It runs x86-based and ARM-base apps and supports Android TV apps. It also comes with a feature to share files and content from desktop to mobile through syncing features. It offers trackpad and Retina display support for Macs, microphone, sensor and camera integration.
For downloading Android apps, just go to Google Play in the same way you did it on an Android device.
Here’s the official video:

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