Rust 1.23 Released

The Rust team has announced a new stable version, Rust 1.23.0.

The Rust team has announced a new stable version, Rust 1.23.0, of Rust, an open source and famous systems programming language known for its speed and concurrency.

Here are some key updates - 


  • The new version now consumes 5-10% less memory than earlier versions.
  • In Rust 1.23, the methods to call ASCII code are now defined directly on those types, and so you no longer need to import the AsciiExt trait that we had to use in previous versions.
  • The Rust library is now more stabilized and you can use the old functionality in the new version also.
  • With this release, you can now find Cargo’s docs at Additionally, they’ve been converted to the same format as the other long-form documentation.
  • According to the official announcement

    “The documentation team has been on a long journey to move rustdoc to use CommonMark. Previously, rustdoc never guaranteed which markdown rendering engine it used, but we’re finally committing to CommonMark. As part of this release, we render the documentation with our previous renderer, Hoedown, but also render it with a CommonMark compliant renderer, and warn if there are any differences. There should be a way for you to modify the syntax you use to render correctly under both; we’re not aware of any situations where this is impossible.”


For a complete list of updates, go through the Release Notes on GitHub. Also, the team has stated that more improvements and updates, especially to Cargo’s docs, will be released throughout the year.

To install Rust 1.23.0, you can use the following methods –

If you have an old version installed, just use this command.


  1. $ rustup update stable  


For new installation, do visit the website page to get rustup.

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