Rust 1.34.1 Released

Rust announces new version of Rust - 1.34.1, and a new version of installer rustup - 1.18.1.

Recently, the Rust team announced the latest version of Rust, 1.34.1, as well as rustup, 1.18.1.
Rust 1.34.1 
According to the team this patch release has fixed two false positives and a panic when checking macros in Clippy. Clippy is a toolset which offers a collection of lints to catch common mistakes and help improve your Rust code.
The patch for rustup has fixed the issue that used to introduce regression which often prevented installing Rust through the shell script on older platforms. Now, rustup the issue, avoids forcing TLS v1.2 on the platforms that don’t support it.
You can check the full details of the fixes in release notes.