Rust 1.36 Is Available Now

Rust has rolled out its latest version 1.36 with enhancements and new features.

Recently, the team behind Rust announced a new version 1.36.0 of the programming language.
The latest version Rust 1.36.0 brings, the stabilization of the Future trait, the alloc crate, the MaybeUninit<T> type and NLL for Rust 2015. It also features a new HashMap<K, V> implementation, and --offline support in Cargo.
rust 1.36 
Source: Rust 
The team said that the parts of std that depend on a global allocator, are now available in the alloc crate. The std crate then re-exports these parts. Though #![no_std] binaries using alloc still need nightly Rust, #![no_std] library crates can make use of the alloc crate in stable Rust. And, normal binaries without #![no_std], can depend on such library crates.
The team believes that this will help the development of a #![no_std] compatible ecosystem of libraries before the stabilizing support for #![no_std] binaries using alloc.
You can visit the detailed changelog here.