Rust 1.45 Released

The Rust team announced a new version of Rust, 1.45.0.
1.45 features a fix for some long-standing unsoundness when casting between integers and floats, and the stabilization of the final feature needed for one of the more popular web frameworks to work on stable Rust.
Source: Rust
Language updates include that functions like procedural macros can now be used in expression, pattern, and statement positions; and out of range float to int conversions using as have been defined as a saturating conversion. Also, mem::Discriminant<T> now uses T's discriminant type instead of always using u64.
Addition to the Compiler include a force-unwind-tables flag and the force-unwind-tables flag. The new release also enalbes you to override individual target features via the target-feature flag.
Other additions include the tiny value to the code-model codegen flag, tier 3 support* for the mipsel-sony-psp target, and tier 3 support for the thumbv7a-uwp-windows-msvc target. 
For additional details, you can visit the release notes here.

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