Rustup's Latest Version 1.20.0 Is Now Available

Rustup 1.20.0 brings profiles support and the capability to get the most-recent possible nightly with all the components you need.

Recently, the rustup working group announced the release of rustup version 1.20.0. Rustup is the recommended tool to install Rust.
This release features profiles support and the ability to get the most-recent available nightly with all the components you need. And there are also several improvements to the rustup doc command.
Rust 1.20
Source: Rust 
Those who have a previous version of rustup installed, they can get rustup 1.20.0 through:
rustup self update
Also, Rustup can automatically update itself at the end of a normal toolchain update:
rustup update
And, those who don't have it already, can get rustup from the appropriate page on official website.
Rustup 1.20.0 has brought the concept of "profiles". Profiles are groups of components that users can choose to download at the time of installing a new Rust toolchain. The profiles you can choose from at this time are minimal, default, and complete.
Starting with the version 1.20.0, if a component that was previously installed is missing in the latest nightly, rustup update walks backwards in time to find the most recent release with all the components required. And if there are no new nightlies with all the components required you'll either need to wait or remove some of them.
Also, there are two new options ,--component/-c and --target/-t, to the rustup toolchain install command, enabling you to add components and targets as the toolchain is installed.
Additionally, these flags also search past nightlies if the current one does not feature all the requested components.
Rustup 1.20.0 has enhanced the command allowing you to open directly the API documentation of a specific item. For instance, if you want to look at the documentation of Iterator you can use:
rustup doc std::iter::Iterator