Samsung Grasps Bulk of Panel Orders For Next-Gen iPhone 12

According to a report from DigiTimes Samsung has secured the majority of orders for the OLED displays for the iPhone 12, which is expected to be Apple’s biggest upgrade in last many years.
iPhone 12 will be introducing a new chassis design, OLED screens in every model, and the company's first 5G compatibility. And Samsung is expected to get a big, lucrative piece of the pie.
Samsung Display will get the majority (about 80%) of panel orders. And LG Display and BOE Technology will share the remaining orders, says the report.
Well, Samsung has already been making screens for iPhones for a long time. Samsung Display was Apple’s sole OLED display maker starting with the iPhone X in 2017. Later Apple did expansion to its supply chain and included LG and BOE as panel makers. Samsung added LG Display in 2018, and BOE the next year.
According to the report, earlier, when Samsung added LG Display to its OLED screen suppliers, the company also easily negotiated with Samsung to lower the amount it charges the screens by 9 percent. And with the iPhone 12, it may also be that Samsung doesn’t have the capacity to deliver as much Apple requires, as iPhone 12 units will be the first iPhones to use OLED screens only for every model.
Interestingly, Apple continues to rely on Samsung and continues to give it business while many tech experts and a recent book "Samsung Rising details" constantly place Apple as its number one rival.