Samsung Wins Patent Dispute with Apple in Japan

After losing a $1.05 billion verdict to Apple in the US on August 24, Samsung has won a patent lawsuit filed by Apple, Inc. against Samsung Electronics Co. in Japan, Bloomberg reports. A Tokyo judge ruled that Samsung did not infringe on an Apple invention for synchronizing music and video data with servers, specifically in its smartphones and a tablet device. 

The lawsuit in Japan originated last year when Apple claimed Samsung's Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy S II infringed on its patent for synchronization. The court ruled that South Korea-based Samsung was not infringing with its method of synchronizing multimedia content between mobile devices and computers installed with Kies software. A statement on the ruling noted that Samsung's method involves distinguishing files by name and size, whereas Apple claimed the software uses other information.

Both companies, locked in competition for the smartphone market, have had sales restrictions imposed as a result of the recent rulings in the US and Japan. Samsung currently holds the position of top seller, taking 35% of the market compared to second place Apple's 18% during the second quarter.  

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