Samsung's Unpacked 2017 At A Glance

At the most awaited “Unpacked 2017” event, Samsung has gone on to release its latest flagship Galaxy smartphone series, along with some other new products.

At the most awaited “Unpacked 2017” event, Samsung has gone on to release its latest flagship Galaxy smartphone series, along with some other new products. Let us have a quick look at the products Samsung has announced.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is now available for preorders, and the company has announced that it is available in five different colors - midnight black, orchid grey, coral blue, arctic silver, and maple gold.
This device comes with 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch Quad HD+ screens respectively, however they still sport the same minimal bezel design.
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It also comes with an all new Gear VR headset and Oculus-powered controller, along with a game pack, without any extra cost.
Samsung is yet to announce the price of this phone.
Samsung Gear VR controller and headset
This had actually been announced at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February 2017, however, it is now that we are getting to know about its price and its availability.
This headset is quite similar to the previously launched VR headset; however this is slightly bigger and heavier. However, what is really interesting is that the new Oculus-powered controller opens up the VR medium to more and better experiences, allowing the developers to be more creative.
This device will be available on April 21, and the Gear controller will set you back $39 on its own or the controller and headset package will go on to cost $130. However, as we had earlier stated, if you buy a new Galaxy S8 / S8+, you will get a headset and controller free of cost.
Samsung Gear 360 camera
In words of Samsung, they have gone on to update the 360-degree camera so as to make it “cuter.” It is now slimmer, and sports a better and improved camera, and go on to record 4K video. It now also supports YouTube livestreaming and iOS.
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Samsung is yet to announce its availability and pricing.
Samsung Connect Home: Wi-Fi mesh router
We also see Samsung unveils two new Wi-Fi mesh router known as Connect Home and Connect Home Pro. It completely focuses on helping users manage their internet-enabled devices at home, which also includes TV and other application.
Samsung is yet to announce the price and the availability of the devices.
Samsung DeX
The Samsung DeX is a docking station, which actually turns the Galaxy S8 into desktop PC. It allows you to leave your laptop at home, still allowing you to work, while you are on the go, enabling you to use your Android apps on a PC monitor.
Samsung has yet not confirmed its availability and pricing.
Last week, we saw Samsung unveiling its new Al assistant for mobile and internet of things (IoT), and now, the first proper look of Bixby. Samsung officially unveiled its new AI assistant for mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) last week. But today, we got a first proper look at Bixby.
Going up against the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s plan for Bixby is to have it serve as the basis for helping you manage your connected home, as well as your mobile phone.
At the launch of the Galaxy S8, we got to see numerous Bixby-enabled apps on board, including Foursquare, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and Pinterest. In the future, a software development kit (SDK) will be offered so as to allow any developer to build Bixby-enabled apps.
Samsung Health (formerly S Health)
Samsung rebranded its S Health app as Samsung Health. The new name also came up with some new features, along with tracking steps and setting fitness goals, this app includes telehealth, personalized insights, social capabilities, and a new interface.
Samsung Connect
Samsung Connect is the latest app designed by the company, so as to help users control all their connected things from one place
The company states that Samsung Connect will soon be available for downloading for all Android smartphones via the Google Play, however for now it’s only available on selected “Samsung VD/DA products.”