Schedule And Experience HoloLens In New York

On Oct 6 this year, Microsoft announced the Developer edition of its one of the most exciting and futuristic gadget, HoloLens that will start shipping in Q1 next year. Recently, Microsoft also announced a roadshow and other HoloLens focused events all over the United States.

Image source: Microsoft 

Now, here is a great news for developers, mostly living in north east region of the country. Microsoft Store in New York now have a developer experience area where developers can register, go, and experience HoloLens in person. The experience includes how to use HoloLens to communicate, create, work and play.

To schedule your visit, you must schedule on

Currently, New City is open to the experience only. Other cities will be added to the list are in the following list.
I just tried to schedule a date but it seems like sessions are full for the available dates.
I can't wait to get my hands on HoloLens in January. 

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