ServiceNow ITOM Discovery Integrates With Azure Resource Graph

The integration provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of the Azure estates through ServiceNow’s experiences.

Recently, Microsoft shared that ServiceNow ITOM Discovery is now integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Resource Graph. 

ServiceNow’s ITOM Discovery and service mapping for Azure gives you an up-to-date configuration management database (CMDB) view of your IT infrastructure and services running in Azure. Discovery data within CMDB then powers a number of workflows and applications within ServiceNow that enable you to increase your operational agility.

Resource Graph is an Azure service that offers high-performance exploration of Azure cloud resources. It also provides you the ability to query at scale across multiple subscriptions and across tenants using Azure Lighthouse.

Source: Microsoft

Azure Resource Graph APIs within ServiceNow’s ITOM Discovery, provides the support for discovery of large Azure environments containing hundreds of thousands of resources. The integration also provides four times faster discovery of customers' Azure estate based on ServiceNow benchmarks, and enhanced visibility into the cost-savings of Azure Hybrid Benefit licensing. The integration also brings fast, automated creation of service maps using Azure tag data.

"With this integration, customers will benefit from richer and faster discovery of the largest Azure estates within ServiceNow’s ITOM discovery experiences, ultimately leading to better operational decisions" said Jeremy Winter of Microsoft.